Fee Structure

In view of the high standard performance and professionalism guaranteed to all our clients,we undertake to make all possible endeavors to be reasonable and flexible in the fees chargeable to clients,noting that each matter will always differ from the other depending on its nature,volume and complexity, but we are open to negotiations.

  • Director                                                                        R2500.00 per hour
  • Associate                                                                      R1500.00 per hour
  • Conveyancing Attorney                                            According to regulated tariffs(negotiable)
  • Candidate Attorney                                                   R650 – R800 per hour


Our statement of account shall include all expenses incurred  by Nkadimeng Attorney for  and on behalf of a client in respect of telephone calls,postage,delivery charges,facsimile,photocopy and other sundry disbursements which do not form part of Nkadimeng Attorneys fees.